Purchasing Custom T-shirts on the Internet can be very expensive. So for all you Parkinson's Basasses out there, I will teach you how to design your own (uniform-like) shirt for a fraction of what if would cost if you bought it from an online store. (It was going to cost of guy in Ontario $96 USD that changed my way of doing this.)

So, follow the simple steps:
1. Go to: https://www.alliedshirts.com/.
2. Select type of shirt, color, and size.
3. Add text: PARKINSON'S BADASS and then center text in the box, and click for a bright yelow.
4. Move text to bottom and the add animal image above it. Fool around with text and image until it looks just right. Animal photos can be found on next page.
5. Then buy it and have it shipped to your home.
And now, you are a member of the Parkinson's Badass Movement.

And since I saved you $40 on buyig the shirt, would you consider sending me 10 to 20 bucks for my trouble? Just click on the link below.

Send me an email with how much you would like to pay. I'll send you an invoice using PayPal. Use you Paypal Account our and credit or debit card
to pay the invoice.