A retired psychiatrist, I have had symptoms of Parkinson’s disease for eighteen years. And for me, those years haven’t been the nightmare so many people predicted. For the last decade, I have been active on the internet producing websites, podcasts, and video blogs to encourage all PWPs to exercise until their sweat drips from their noses; to practice yoga, tai chi, or qi dong to keep our brain and body in sync; and to nurture a positive and optimistic mindset. And now, I'm adding some tongue-in-cheek humor to the mix.


I believe the pessimism often expressed among members of  the Parkinson's community can be detrimental to an individual who has PD and to their loved ones as well. I think it evokes a pervasive, negative undertone  of passisivity and surrender that then can spread throughout the community; thus robbing many PWPs of some darn good years of living. Therefore, I propose it’s time for each of us to become a BADASS in our approach to Parkinson’s disease. We all know our minds play a huge role in combating the symptoms of any illnes we may have.


A person afflitced with Parkinson's disease who makes a conscious decision to stand tall, walk with a swagger, and smile broadly every chance they get. They dwell on the next activity they want to experience, not on the latest Parkinson's medicine coming down the pipeline . And they purposely brush up their sense of humor.